Incipit Seitan

Chronicles of Chaos: …[N]ot to take away anything from your music, but the shitstorm that was the Krakow gig of 2004 certainly ended up doing a lot to stir up public interest in Gorgoroth….

Tom Visnes (aka King ov Hell): Of course, we didn’t go there to create a scandal. It just happened. We presented our band with our usual stage show, which is something that we have done several times before… It was this huge thing on the Internet and all sorts of stuff started coming out about how we were abusing animals and eating live animals on stage and whatnot.

CoC: The ironic thing about that is that Gaahl [vocalist] is a vegetarian, if I’m not mistaken.

TV: That’s right and we only used off-cuts that we picked up in a butchery nearby. So it was nothing about abusing animals and whatever. People just like to talk.”

Yes, Gaahl is a True Norwegian Black Metal Vegetarian. Check out the rest of the interview on Chronicles of Chaos!


2 Responses to “Incipit Seitan”

  1. it’s weird how offended people get by severed animal parts, or at least the severed animal parts they don’t eat. if gorgoroth had been onstage eating a chicken sandwich nobody would have minded, but put the part nobody wants to eat on a stick and all of a sudden something is amiss?

    hypocrites! i say hypocrites!

  2. haha this blog provides me with much reading entertainment while at work 🙂

    nothing makes me happier than reading about some “dark and evil” member of a band being a plant eater.

    i love informing people that Rob Zombie is vegan. it has really gotten some people pissed off because they had this image of him as a “tough manly” meat eater.

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