Sarcofago and the cookies from Hades

Picture the scene, if you will.  It’s hit lunchtime on a rainy Monday, and i need two things – music and food. I need the former to dislodge from my mind the noise that the class I teach made and I need food to give me the energy to control them during the impending afternoon. I come out of school, get out my MP3 player and search for something suitably noisy and finally settle upon Sarcofago. I hadn’t listened to them in a couple of years and I’m taken aback by the ferocity and ramshackle sounds of the INRI album.

So I make it to the shop and head straight for the biscuit section, all the while singing lyrics such as If you are a false don’t entry /  because you’ll be burned and died / the nuclear drums will crush your brain! (under my breath, of course). And what do I stumble upon? vegan friendly cookies  with….BRAZIL NUTS. And where were Sarcofago from? BRAZIL! Was this simply a coincidence? Or was this already in the stars like some horribly inescapable twist of fate from a Lovecraft novel? Frankly, I don’t want to dwell upon it for fear of dabbling too deep in the murky realms of the occult.

I don’t mind dwelling on the album though – it’s great. Came out in ’87 I think and is so shoddy as to be perfect. The drums are a bit of a mess, the vocals are ridiculous, the riffs are heavily influenced by Discharge and other English anarcho-punk bands. Great stuff. The track Nightmare sounds like mid-period Slayer played down a phone during a hurricane.  The cherry on the top is the front cover though; have a look…that guy has a haircut that is rarely seen in the straightened, glossy  and conditioned realm of black metal hairdos – a mohawk. Brilliant. I like to think of all my favourite bands as being vegan but there’s just too much leather going on here for it to be the case. Still, great band!

Oh, and the cookies are nice too; 99p from Sainsburys. Just don’t eat them whilst listening to obscure South American black metal. Especially not under a full moon. PeteF.


2 Responses to “Sarcofago and the cookies from Hades”

  1. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    Seen what the mohawk-sporting Wagner Lamounier is up to these days?

    He’s swapped Satan for ‘Economic Sciences’…

  2. Wow! Totally unkvlt.

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