Metalfest, beer, and vegan grillin’!

We just had a three-day weekend over here in the US, and myself and a group of others from the vegan metal crew celebrated by going to the 11th annual Tidal Wave festival. They couldn’t have picked a better weekend or a better venue for this free thrash show… yesterday was a gorgeous, clear, bright, and cool Saturday in the park filled with metalheads lying on the grass, drinking lots of beer, hanging out with a million awesome dogs, and cooking up a storm on the many barbecue grills that peppered the green. This in itself would have been an amazing day out, though I haven’t even mentioned the performances from the likes of Hirax and Exodus.

Our very thoughtful friends had brought a separate grill for us to roast up some vegan goodies, and while it did take our picnically-challenged, and drunk, group the entire length of Attitude Adjustment’s set to get the damned thing working, we were eventually able to complement our cans of Tecate with some grilled mushrooms, vegan hot dogs, and lots and lots of chips and salsa, right as Hirax came on stage. Truly a perfect day.

The prize of the weekend goes to the guy who had made a denim metal jacket, complete with Angel Witch and Bathory patches, for his chihuahua. That’s some love right there. While it’s unfortunate that no one had brought a camera to document any of this, it’s probably for the best, as at least one phone (yes, mine) was lost during a bout of drunken wrestling… thanks to Mike for the photo above!

Oh right, the bands!

Zombie Holocaust
Attitude Adjustment

Havok and Hirax were the highlights of the afternoon for me. Really solid, old-school speed metal/thrash from both the newbies and the veterans (Havok’s very 80s logo couldn’t mask the fact that every member of the band looked about 15). It was an amazing experience to finally see Hirax thrash it up live, and to actually see Katon De Pena belting out those soaring vocals on stage. Kick ass! Of course, everyone was waiting for Exodus, but although they sounded good, the singer was a bit too “Phil Anselmo”, if you know what I mean. And his repeated appeals to girls in the crowd to “show him their titties” were pretty fucking lame. Disappointing.

All in all, though, a most excellent Saturday- the final proof of which is the fact that I am way too hungover to go again today. Ah well, there’s always next year… pranjalistkrieg


3 Responses to “Metalfest, beer, and vegan grillin’!”

  1. Now i want to make my huge ass dogs metal jackets.

  2. Haha that’s amazing…a true necro/uber/kvlt dog!

  3. That dog thrashes some serious ass.

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