Name in Vain

As you might imagine, several silly attempts at puns linking vegan food and metal were made in coming up with the title for this blog… some of them still make me chuckle, so I thought the tr00 kvlt metalheads among you might get a laugh or two from seeing the ones that didn’t make it up on the banner…

Click on the links to enjoy some absolute classics!

Funeral Blog
The Freezing Spoon
Blogsrykh: Mighty Vegandark
Call of the Winter Spoon
Sons of Vegan Darkness
Rebel ExtraVeganZa
(Under) the Vegan Megalith

We finally settled on our current name, mostly because it seemed less of an ‘inside joke’ than the others… but also because the original song title made us laugh anyway, and the ‘veganized’ version was equally as ridiculous.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t know what P(bS) is in reference to…

Gorgoroth – ‘Possessed (by Satan)’


4 Responses to “Name in Vain”

  1. HAHAH…call of the winter spoon…haha

  2. I really HONOUR that black “witch hat” wearing guy in that “classically ridiculous” Immortal shoot! 😉 Yuo guys shall know what I mean…! That hat is so grim& evil and mighty Seitan must be hidden under it.

  3. I really love that Gorgoroth put “by Satan” in parentheses. It’s like they’re saying “just to clarify.” I guess the upside down crosses and blood aren’t enough.

  4. Ah the entertainment of those videos. After watching Call of the Winter Moon, I can’t help but imagine them as playing D&D 🙂

    These videos led me to watching Tristania’s videos, which I never realized they have any…..I’m so dense! \m/

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