The Bleeder

I was listening to a mix I made yesterday, and realized that among the tracks were Boris/Sunn 0)))’s Blood Swamp, Gorgoroth’s Blood Stains the Circle, Turbonegro’s Drenched in Blood, Mortiis’ Blood and Thunder, and Discharge’s The Final Bloodbath.

Tell me if you notice a theme here.

Well, later that evening, and apparently with blood on the brain, I went out to eat with some friends at Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant in San Francisco. Halfway through the meal, I looked over at my friend’s plate of sweet and sour ‘chicken’ and what did I see?


About as close to a bloody mess as vegans get, I suppose.

Anyway, the food was actually pretty good, and while it was all just as greasy as the above, most of it looked decidedly less like complete and utter carnage. Decide for yourself is that’s a good or a bad thing!

(Oh, and no, there’s no Burning Witch on the mix… just thought I’d give due credit for the title of this post) …pranjalistkrieg


One Response to “The Bleeder”

  1. That is one cool mix. I haven’t heard the Mortiis track, but that Discharge song is incredible.

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