My life is complete

This is truly the year of getting to see bands that I never thought I’d see live in a million years. There was Maiden in May (on the Somewhere Back in Time tour no less), Extreme Noise Terror in June, and this past Friday I had to pinch myself many, many times to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming about seeing the AT THE GATES REUNION SHOW in SF!

We hit our regular spot Benders beforehand, where we had a few pints and some vegan fish and chips (pictured above!) served up by our good buddy, Lukas the Witch King. If you like your drinks alcoholic and have an enduring love for all that is fried, Benders is the rock n’ roll temple for you. I didn’t have a camera on Friday, so the pic above is shamelessly stolen from our buddy Mike!

We got to the Filmore about 20 mins after the show started, and found out that we’d already missed Municipal Waste. I was kinda annoyed, a sentiment that was amplified by the fact that Darkest Hour was playing as I walked in. They had a giant, giant banner on stage and they’d probably brought more merch than At The Gates did… but let’s just say they were a long ways off stealing the show as far as music goes.

Anyway, Repulsion came on soon enough, and they absolutely tore it up. If you’ve never heard their album Horrified , I don’t know what planet you’re on, but you need to get off the internet and go buy it now- it’s one of the most excruciatingly classic grindcore/death metal albums of all time. The Lurking Fear is also probably the only song ever to combine the themes of nuclear holocaust and zombies, with some awesomely gory lyrics to boot. Repulsion have a couple of guys from the Bay Area in their line up these days, including Matt Harvey from Dekapitator/Scarecrow/Exhumed, so it was great to see some local boys destroying the Filmore!

As amazing as Repulsion were, I was getting anxious to finally see At The Gates in the flesh… the time in between sets was agonizing. The crowd was also a weird mix of old metalheads, too-cool hipster kids who had only ever heard Blinded By Fear and still couldn’t get the title right (one of them kept screaming for them to play ‘Stricken By Fear’), and these three guys from Sweden behind me who kept singing IFK Gothenburg football chants. After what seemed like an age, ATG finally came on, opening with the title track from Slaughter of the Soul. Fucking intense. In fact, I can’t even describe how incredible a set they played, and they were obviously ecstatic to be back together and touring the States again after 12 years. Really brought me back to those days of walking the streets with a tape of the Gardens of Grief EP in my walkman and a scowl on my face.

This guy made my night

This guy made my night

Speaking of Gardens of Grief, my night (week? year? life?) was made when I shouted out “play ‘All Life Ends’!!” in between songs, and Anders Björler actually heard me. He pointed to me and nodded his head, and they went on to actually fucking play it!!!!! Tompa Lindberg gave me a thumbs up for singing along, and after they finished the song, Anders pointed at me again and gave me the horns. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t just seeing At The Gates but getting props from them too. I couldn’t have been more giddy with delight.

So in closing, I’d like to state for the record that this was one of the best fucking nights ever! And judging by Monica’s post below about the Carcass tour, and the upcoming Judas Priest/Motorhead/Heaven and Hell/Testament extravaganza in September, an unbelievable year of shows looks set to continue. Hails! Posted by pranjalistkrieg


6 Responses to “My life is complete”

  1. I’m so jealous and angry…At The Gates literally played down the street from my house at this one venue…but no i have to be fucking broke when they play. NOT FAIR.

  2. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    Argh, that sucks! I saw they were playing in Pomona the night after SF and figured you would be there.


  3. Vegan fish and chips followed by a gig like that? Wow. I’m ashamed to admit that I only know one At The Gates song (think it was called ‘Terminal Spirit Disease’), but I love Repulsion.

  4. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    Man, I’ll send you some At The Gates. ‘Terminal Spirit Disease’ is a great song/album, and ‘Slaughter of the Soul’ is the classic one that everyone knows… but for something a bit more raw, sloppy, and straight from the gut, you can’t beat ‘Gardens of Grief’

  5. […] in the Bay Area this Saturday, go down to Benders in SF (19th & S. Van Ness) for some vegan fried goodies and some quality thrash/doom bands! Click on the poster to hear some […]

  6. […] a few months of shows from some of the best Swedish bands ever. I’ve already posted about the At The Gates reunion tour, but since then we’ve had the likes of Unleashed and Watain grace our shores. Unleashed […]

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