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New Wave of British Heavy Trifles

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A trifling matter

A trifling matter

If you think back over the last 30 years, there have been so many great, classic bands from the UK, it’s near impossible to list them all… were you to list the bands that made up the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement in the late 70s/early 80s, it’d read like a roll call of metal’s most influential all-stars:

Venom in 1981... black metal is born!

Venom in 1981... black metal is born!

bands like Venom, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Diamond Head, and Angel Witch.

The UK Midlands, of course, are a kind of death metal/grindcore epicenter, having spawned bands like Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower (the latter being from the unlikely metal hub of Leamington Spa). And the doom genre would not even exist, nor be what it is today, without bands like Black Sabbath, Witchfinder General, Cathedral, and Electric Wizard.

As I write this, the names just keep on coming to mind… Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror, Godflesh, Discharge… it really is quite staggering.

So, as a salute to all these great UK bands, here is a veganized version of a very British dessert: the trifle!

This thing is basically like five desserts in one… the first layer is a sponge cake, followed by a layer of fresh fruit (I used strawberries, raspberries, and bananas). On to this you pour a layer of jelly (or ‘jello’), and on top of THAT you pour the final layer: custard!

Vegan jelly (i.e. without gelatin) and custard mixes are often available from Indian/Pakistani shops and markets, as many brands from that part of the world don’t use gelatin for religious reasons. The packets should say ‘suitable for vegetarians’ on the front. And just to prove that point, here is Molly, providing examples of such jelly and custard-mix brands (poor Molly is also reluctantly modeling the Napalm Death and Electric Wizard albums I listened to while concocting this mammoth dessert…)

And Im not even going to get to eat any...

"And I'm not even going to get to eat any..."

The other metal thing that’s metal about a trifle is that once you start serving it up, it can start bearing an eerie resemblance to an operating table. Once you’ve piled some on your plate, top it off with a shot of vegan whipped cream, and try to wrap your head around the different flavours and textures that are coursing down your throat. Sweet, sweet gore indeed, and a worthy sacrifice to hail some of the true masters of metal! By Pranjalistkrieg

(S)cream bloody murder

(S)cream bloody gore


When the Black wizard comes to the Gate of Nanna

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just some quick quinoa for satisfying  hunger when waiting my EW/RB-split

just some quick quinoa for satisfying hunger when waiting my EW/RB-split

After lunch I usually just “chilling” and listening some nice tracks from different bands- scene of those tracks is usually depending which is my mood in that moment. Today I have this great mood for listen some doom/sludge/drone-bands. I guess this maybe have something to do with that thing I`m now waiting my latest music order for arriving to my nearest post office.

This is it! Long waited Electric Wizard/Reverend Bizarre-split 12″! Two of my MOST favourite bands had been published this package of goodnes and I`m ordered it via one web-store. Now I`m still waiting my order for arriving because that 12″ is released in 5.9 there Finland… NEXT WEEK!

Today I have listened some Dopethrone-tracks.. That low,bass-toned leading tracks of this GREAT album is something what I love. I`m also expecting that forthcoming 12″ because Reverend Bizarre`s side is filled with great Beherit cover version “The Gate of Nanna”. That means this great package includes music orginally from 3 of my favourite bands(in spite of that Beherit`s part is only to be covered…)! Great!

Because I`m being exepting this split to be carried in post office, I haven`t had great inspiration for cooking anything “special” or “gourme”. So, I just quickly cooked some quinoa, roasted tofu cubes+carrots seasoned with some soy sauce and garlig powder for owen, chopped some zucchini in tiny pieces and mixed those all together with some sundried tomatoes and fresh parsley(there was also some green peas & broccolis). Yum! That is really “quick & easy” and enough metal in this blog…I think? Now I`m still listening some doom-tracks and waiting my split to come.

by. Iron Goat a.k.a Rauta Vuohi

Black Arts with Blackcurrants..

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Beherit & Kiisseli=cvlt

Beherit & Kiisseli=cvlt

First: if you don`t Know anything about BEHERIT check this: & if you haven`t never-ever heard about that slimy dessert which Finn`s are calling in name”Kiisseli” check that: .

OK! Now you must be little familiar with some of my favourite things! But really, today is my birthday and because I`m day to day getting older I must remember listen lots of music that helps my mind staying young! But really… I was making this tasty dessert because I noticed the huge craving of something like that vanilla-redcurrant Kiisseli which I used to eat with love when I was smaller child than now ūüėČ

Because I want to celebrite my “getting older day” with everyone who are reading this blog, I decided to post my first “real” recipe in there. That`s good as BEHERIT and must be enjoyed when listening some Beherit`s tracks like “Sadomatic Rites”,”salmon`s Gate” or “The Gate of Nanna”. All those can find in album “Drawing down the Moon” which is published orginally in 1993. I have that remastered version which you can try to find in some good distro`s or record stores. That`s a classic!

But now, the recipe: “Black Arts with white Fames”- Blackcurrant-vanilla Kiisseli devoted to Beherit

you need to make 2 different Kiisselis:

Black one:

  • 1/2 lb blackcurrants
  • 1 quart water
  • sugar
  • 2 tablespoons potato flour
  • Rinse cranberries and put to boil in water.Retain the liquid and pulp; discard the skins.Reheat the juice while mixing in the sugar to taste.Mix the potato starch with cold water and slowly stir into the juice until thickened. It should be the consistency of thick syrup.Pour the hot kissel in to a serving dish and sprinkle the top with sugar to avoid forming a skin on top.Cover and cool.

White(vanilla) One…

  • 2 cups vanilla soymilk
  • 1-2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp potato flour (starch), or
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • 2 tsp vanilla sugar (or vanilla powder, or extract)

Add the milk, sugar and potato flour or cornstarch in pott. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly.If you are using potato flour, just bring the sauce to the boil; when using cornstarch, let the sauce boil for approximately 5 minutes.Remove the pan from the stove and let it cool in cold water. Season the sauce with vanilla.

Then you just take some satanic bowl and first pour some blaccurrant kiisseli in it and then layer with that vanilla one like pictured above. Then just sink in that divine delightfullnes and turn the music loud volume!

by: Iron Goat a.k.a Rauta Vuohi

Dead and Berry’d

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Here’s a complex equation for you…

Raspberries +

Axegrinder‘s ‘Rise of the Serpent Men’ = ?

Here’s a hint…

Now, is the above a stake through the rotten hearts of your enemies, or a mini-pot bubbling with raspberry crisp goodness? Whatever the correct answer may be, the result is definitely a berry bloody mess to satisfy your most Transylvanian of Hungers.

(The above pic is the handiwork of Isa, who insisted that her latest concoction was gory enough for us to post on our blog, and who is more metal than she thinks because she actually does love that Axegrinder album- thanks for the pic!)

Nocturnal Wandering and The Fajita Hunger Buster

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When meeting up with friends at the weekend, I normally go to a pub that takes about 30 minutes to get to on foot. Naturally I play some music both to and from there; on the way it’s normally something fairly upbeat and catchy (I was bopping along the road to The Ronettes on Friday..not very metal, I know). When I leave though it’s a different story and there’s one album I always, always play to keep me company on the way home: Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

Euronymous - creator of chilling riffs and inspiration for my facial expression when asked if I'd like a cheese sandwich

Creator of chilling riffs and an inspiration for my expression when offered a cheese sandwich

I’m sure there’s been enough discussion already about the band’s bizarre history (and it is certainly weird…I doubt there’s too many groups out there that have been associated with suicide, murder and er, cannibalism), and anyway, it’s the music that amazes me the most. Until I heard this album about 8 years ago, I was under the impression that keyboard or organ was needed to give black metal albums a weird and unsettling atmosphere – I didn’t realise that such an ominous and eerie sound could be created purely through the use of guitar, bass, voice and drums. I read years ago that Euronymous spent hour upon hour layering each song with hundreds of guitar tracks. I’m not sure if that’s true but I do know that I haven’t heard another album with the same kind of aura. I’d avoid everything the band released after this album just as I would a boiled egg, but this is easily one my favourite lp’s in the genre.

Walking home with this playing in my ear, it often strikes me as strange that I rarely pass another person; it’s a good thing I guess as I sometimes sing along and try and match the vocalist’s ‘vampire gargling some ultra-strong mouthwash’ voice. As it is, it’s only the urban foxes that are parley to my bad crooning. The bit where he wails ‘the cemetery lights up…in…ancient…times‘ still sends a chill up my spine and makes me glad that I don’t pass any churchyards on the way home.

When I make it home I normally have the post-pub munchies, often eating the first thing I find. This has led to me eating four packets of Hula-Hoops in the space of 20 minutes before and dangerously approaching a salt overload, but this weekend I had some fajitas left over that I had made earlier. Lightly seasoned tofu, guacamole, salsa and loads of salad…it’s a messy eat for me at the best of times, but after a few beers it borders on the ridiculous. I woke up on Saturday with salsa all over my face but it didn’t stop me, I made some more today in preparation for impending night strolls. By PeteF

These poor creatures have enough troubles without having to hear my crooning. Must stop.

These poor creatures have enough troubles without having to hear my crooning. Must stop.

Ceviche Destroyer

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¬† So I’m back from Mexico. Mexico was awesome…I miss being there¬†already, but i don’t miss the damn mosquitos. It wasn’t too hard eating vegan in Mexico. I found a place that makes fresh tofu, all the stores and little liquor stores had fruit flavored soy milks which ruled!! apple soymilk and guanabana where my favorites. And my aunt made me and my boyfriend vegan food while we where there. While in Mexico i went to this huge HUGE market, with tons and tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, spices, chiles pretty much everything. In this one shop i found TSP! I got about 2lbs of it for really cheap. I also got a brutal bathory shirt for $5-6.

¬† One thing that sucked was i wasn’t able to find any places that sold music¬†i liked. i’m pretty sure i just didn’t look hard enough. But the best thing that about being in Mexico was my uncle telling me to use TSP for ceviche! He was telling my dad that people use TSP in place of fish, whether they’re allergic or just don’t like fish. So when i was at my parents house, my dad helped me make ceviche. Its really spot on from what i can remember, even my dad and his friend liked it. Plus the best thing about it is you don’t have to wait a long time for everything to marinate, its done when you’re done mixing everything together!


Ceviche Destroyer

About 2cups TSP (textured soy protein)
lots of limes, enough to soften the tsp
1-2 lemons
equal amounts of onion and tomato
a large carrot, peeled and grated
large cucumber,peeled and grated
one bunch of cilantro
3-4 Serrano chiles
salt to taste
avocado slices

Place the TSP in a large bowl, squeeze the limes over the tsp making sure everything gets wet. You want to make sure that the TSP is soften and there’s no more hard pieces. Squeeze in the lemon. Now chop your onion and tomato. You don’t want the ceviche to just be TSP so make sure there’s enough onion and tomato. Now chop the cilantro, stems included(if you want). Chop the chiles, you can deseed the chiles if you don’t want it too spicy. Grate the carrot and cucumber and add salt to taste. Mix everything together really well. Now serve on tostadas with avocado slices and enjoy!


This was all enjoyed while listening to Frogskin, good doom/sludge band. Check them out. – Monica

Catastrophic good…

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catastrophic good sweetpotato salad

catastrophic good sweetpotato salad

I got my inspiration in this guttural,mushy and fancy coloured salad in one day when I watched one of TV`s cooking programs where cook was making some grill-kabobs with tofu and sweetpotato slices. Then I got huge craving to try some food-thing with using sweetpotaoes.

I was planning to make some beanysalad in some day, so I decided to make some sweetpotato-bean salad with roasted asparagus pieces.

First I take baking sheet and put asparaguses in it and garnish with little soy sauce and garlicpowder and then put it in owen and roasted it couple of minutes.

Then I peeled and cubed one large sweetpotato and boiled it in salted water. I tooked some bowl and putted chilled,small potato chuncs in it.I also added a can of kidney beans(rinsed),some fresh pepper slices, hashed asparaguses and one 200g pack of freezed mixture of carrot cubes,green beans,peas and cauliflower chunks. Then I stirred whole thing well and added some seasonings: lots of garam masala, curry powder,garlic powder,pepper,fennel and some herb/pizza seasoning+ a bit of fresh parsley, and ofcourse sea salt!

Then I putted the bowl in fridge and leaved it chilling.

I felt like that sweetpotato-thing would need some nice music to listen when eating it.. SO! There it comes: I grubbed one of my guttural deatmetal records for my CD rack. It was that Kataplexia`s Catastrophic Scenes which I haven`t listened since long times. I think that finnish ug-deathmetal band would be worthy of this kind of tasty vegan-foodiething… So I decided to name my sweetpotato-asparagus/bean “thing” accordingly Kataplexia`s second(and the best) record “Catastrophic Scenes” which “nice&happy” cover art you can see behind that glorious salad thing. You can check out this band here:

That`s really one of most deathmetallous vegan salads I have tasted..You should also try this and not to be too carefull for adding some of your favourite ingredients! That was catastrophic good…

Nice gropu shot too... The band,food and album cover..  pretty combination

Nice group shot too... The band,food and album cover.. pretty combination

posted by: Iron Goat aka. Rauta Vuohi