Eating Sandwiches (on The Seventh Day of Doom)

I don’t like Sundays. It has nothing to with the impending return to work or the fact that it always seems to be cold, wet, rainy, windy and generally  miserable (well, not always, but it certainly does feel like it). Most people I know really enjoy them but I certainly don’t; when I woke up and realised what day it was today I pulled the covers over my head and went to sleep for another 4 hours as a way of avoiding the S-word.

Fellow haters of Sundays

When I finally did get out of bed I realised I had nothing in the house to eat; someone had stole in in the middle of the night and ate all of my bread and soy milk. Or more likely I devoured everything last night, post pub. But still, it was gone. So, I left the house to go the shops and get some food. Flicking through my mp3 player I came upon Tormentor’s ‘7th Day of Doom’ demo.  7th Day of Doom, ay? Do you think that these mad Hungarians share my disdain for the last day of the week? i’d sure like to think so. I haven’t checked out the lyrics yet but I’d like to think that every riff, every howl, every bang of the drums is a promise to obliterate Sunday from the calendar. It’s probably safe to say that it isn’t, but still, great name for a demo. Tormentor are Atilla Csihar of Mayhem and Sunn o))) fame’s first band and anyone who has heard him sing would probably agree that he has a somewhat unique voice, but on the demo it’s the riffs that really stand out. Great stuff.

Sunday saviour

I did make a sandwich in the end, even in the midst of a miserable 7th day of doom. I tried some ‘cheese’ slices that I had never had before and they were delicious melted in panini with some vegan bacon. I’m not sure what the cheese alternatives are like in the States but over here they are pretty yucky, but the Cheezly ones I tried today had a nice taste and texture. PeteF.


3 Responses to “Eating Sandwiches (on The Seventh Day of Doom)”

  1. I just tried Sheese which I found from Food Fight in Portland- the smoked cheddar and medium cheddar flavors. They were great on Pizza. But the smoked flavor won. Medium cheddar was just a tad sweet. Sheese is probably the only cheese sub that I’ve liked at all. I’ll see if I can find Cheezly…

    Also, Sunday nights are the worst.

  2. I’ll have to see if I can find Sheese over here. As for Sunday nights, I know exactly what you mean. Yuck.

  3. Sheese made in Scottland. Oh, and I just tried the famous new Teese on a makeshift tortilla pizza. It was melty, but otherwise, meh.

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