Carcass: My Kind of Metalheads, My Kind of Veg*ns

Monica blogged last week about the upcoming Carcass US tour, with Suffocation, 1349 and Aborted (!!!). I bought my ticket for the SF leg of that tour today, and I’m already getting super excited about the show! Aside from being an incredibly influential, pioneering, and brutally kick-ass metal band, Carcass is also comprised of some pretty awesome dudes… this from a 1991 interview with Nuclear Gore zine, issue 3:

“NG: What are your politics?

C: None of us have politics that are possible to define in such brief space. Suffice to say that all of us detest sexism, racism and bigotry in general, and none of us have eaten meat (or dairy produce in me and Jeff’s case) in years.”

This doesn’t stop them, of course, for paving the way with some the most awesomely gory lyrics ever written. I think the album Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious , has some particularly choice cuts, especially the song ‘Pedigree Butchery’ (about humans being turned into pet food)…

“As salubrious pet food
Human midden is consumed…

Ghastly I slake
Bestial appetites to sate
As flesh and steel I mate
To fill the lower species’ plate…”

Nothing hippie about these vegetarians/vegans! In fact, this video for Pedigree Butchery is perhaps an example of the fate that hippies would suffer at the hands of the Carcass horde.

[Warning: the video in the link above is utterly, ridiculously, gleefully gory, and probably not for everyone. If you don’t like blood, guts, and old horror movies… well, you’ve been warned].


3 Responses to “Carcass: My Kind of Metalheads, My Kind of Veg*ns”

  1. It’s cool to read that interview and find out that Carcass are even more amazing than I thought. I saw Witchcraft play in London a few months ago and Bill Steer was standing right next to me in the pub beforehand. If the blog was going then I could have told him all about it, but as it was I just stood there supping my pint. Damn.

  2. I am officially stoked!

  3. so awesome!
    a lot of british metal/thrash bands were vegans in the 80ies.

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