Blood on RICE!


Killer Ones

Japan is really odd country which becomes speaking about their culturally conservative society but also there finds something more interesting than just tuna-filled rice rolls and those decent office workers…

There finds many good extreme metal bands, and Gallhammer is absolutely one of best and special creations which this East`s Wonderland has served in long times…

Black metal playing aggressive trio consist by 3 young womans is not the most common phenomena associated to appear in UG/Extreme metal scene. But Gallhammer is definately right in every things they were done with their musical output. That noise is something really hideous,aggressive and full of exploding energy to cut of any suspicious head.. Bloody end will be unescapable if person not takes seriously those warnings of forth coming storm.

Someone who is into BM, but thinks that there couldn`t be any good BM played by woman should listen Gallhammer`s gloomy groals and just got hefty lashes all over he`s body. When woman is furious there is no anything to play with.

My deep bows comes from those guys playing absolutely great music and not to care as mutch about what anyone else could expected for them. They just do their things, and anybody who whines should just fuck of.. Those Vegan-metal-spicy/hot sushi-rolls are decided for them and everyone who thinks they are doing a great music!

That post was written by:” Iron Goat” (with a poor english-language skills, because that guy lives in Finland..)But try to understand right 😉


3 Responses to “Blood on RICE!”

  1. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    Hey, Rauta Vuohi! Nice to see you posting!

    So where is the recipe for your Gallhammer sushi?

  2. That sushi looks delicious! Gallhammer have such a cool sound.

  3. Pranjal: I think that basic-sushirice recipe would be usefull(I substituted that japanese white-sushi rice for wholegrain,shortgrain brownrice. It was quite similar and nicely sticky when was cooked!) I seasoned my sushirice with some seasalt and applecider vinegar because I noted I haven`t that rice vinegar in my cupboard.. But that worked also well!

    Then I sliced about half of zucchini,aubergine,red pepper & some carrots in lenghtwise, put those in baking sheet and dash littlebit with japanese chichmimi-pepper and soy sauce. Then I sliced about 250g of tofu and seasoned with minced,fresh ginger+soy sauce+lime juice and garlic powder and put also in baking sheet. Then I roasted whole thing in owen about 5 minutes, and then take sheet out and turn roasted things and put back in owen for about 5-10 minutes untill those were nicely soft and browned a bit(OK, I agree that I managed to burn some of aubergines… Because slices were too thin and I forgot those in owen in too hot temperature for too longtime..).

    Then I sliced some fresh cucumber and shiitake mushrooms in thin slices. I also sliced some sweetyellowprunes and sundried tomatoes.
    I had also this black seaweed-caviar for stuffing and ofcource lots of WASABI!! That is important to use enough wasbi if you want REALLY HOT and ASS KICKING sushirolls…

    Then I take some platter, set cooled roasted “things” on it with those fresh veggies and take some cooked & seasoned rice and nori sheets and started making sushirolls…

    Yep. Long story but it was worthed it!

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