Hellfire Pancakes

Hellboy is one of my favourite comics of all time, and I’ve been reading a lot of it lately. The series combines pretty much everything I’m interested in… and though there’s no metal directly involved, there is something incredibly and undeniably metal about the idea of a demon battling Nazis, occult forces and ancient mythological figures from around the world. Hellboy himself also kind of embodies the metal ideal of being out of place in the world, sticking your middle finger (or your giant, stone fist!) up to fate, and forging your own path.

Thanks to the short story above, two of the best pages of comics ever written, Hellboy also always puts me in the mood for pancakes. (Click on the picture!)

Luckily we have a simple but incredibly tasty vegan pancake recipe, a bastardized ancient family concoction from Sweden, that makes for a great Saturday morning hangover cure when dripping with Earth Balance and maple syrup…

2 cups flour

2 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. salt

Egg replacer (I like arrowroot powder & water) = 2 eggs

1/2 cup oil

2 cups soy milk

Thin the mixture with about 1/2 to 1 cup of boiling water, so it’s kinda runny. Pour some into an oiled/greased pan, let it cook for a minute or so, then flip over and do the same. Repeat until you have enough to fill you up!

The last time I made a batch of these, I listened to 1349’s Hellfire album, the title appropriate to the extra kick I gave the pancakes by adding a half-teaspoon of cinnamon. I also poured them into a cast-iron mini-pancake pan brought back from Sweden- just to be super, extra metal! We ended up with dozens of the little bastards, stacked high enough to reach up to the depths of space and raise the Ogdru Jahad! Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Hellfire Pancakes”

  1. PranjalistKrieg that is something GREAT! You are just somekind of genious! I will print that comic and put it hanging on my fridges door when I must remember eat lots of pancaces! That comic is something best and most greatest comic strip I have seen in long times.

    And mr. Krieg`s pancaces looks so divine…. I think you can maybe send some of leftovers in my postbox..

  2. Best post ever.

  3. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    Thanks guys!

    Vuohi, I would send you some pancakes, but I think the postman might eat them first. Glad you loved the comic! I’m always happy to introduce someone to Hellboy.

  4. yeas mr.Krieg.. But if someone “wrong” person (I mean someone who is not undestanding anything about good METAL & VEGAN foods..) like that stupid postman would eat my pancaces I`m sure he is doomed in HELL! Ha! But if that ignorant postman happen to be someone who could be also potential vegan and metal “ass”, he must experience a great “enlightenment”.. Some kind of life sentence someone could think but I`m sure about that he must like this sentence as much than going to be feeded by “Lord Horned-one in underworold.

    Offtopic but I have planned to do some new post`s in forthcoming days..Keep aware! And remember to be KVLT!

  5. Those pancakes look delicious! Hellboy is a great comic; it feels strange to say that i’m looking forward to seeing a movie adaptation of a comic book, but it’s true…I can’t wait to see the second one.

  6. Maple syrup? Blasphemy! These pancakes are only truly metal if you eat them with lingonsylt or hjortronsylt.

    Hellboy rules.

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