Satanic Noodles..

Satanic Noodles...

Satanic Noodles...

OK. That was like bad joke: Listen some Hellhammer`s Satanic Rites & making some Vegan quick&”too easy” Noodle things… I was just taking some about clean pot, taking some onion and cut it in pieces, throwed it in a pan and sauteed a bit with some soy sauce and garlic powder+pepper. Then I added a can of whitebeans in tomato sauce+ready taco-spice mixture & some wok-veggies from my freezer…

Letting whole shit simmer for a moment(about 10-15minutes, when sauce started thicken because there was some thickener in that spice mixture.. You can use about 1-2 tbls corn starch mixed with little cold water if you don`t have this ready spice mixtures hiding in your cupboards..) stirring a bit and finally adding some quick-noodles. Then I just waited about 5 minutes and noodles were softened and whole thing was ready to eat.

Volà! That`s really quick and tasty vegan meal which you can enjoy with some Coce(or if you boycot that universal bad-ass brand like I do..HA!) you can drink some Swiss beer or tomatojuice and listen some Satanic Rites demos by HELLHAMMER!

That`s cult & thats metal in the name of my vegan metal horde.


satanic rites by Hellhammer

satanic rites by Hellhammer

posted by: Iron Goat aka. Rauta Vuohi


3 Responses to “Satanic Noodles..”

  1. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    Ha, awesome! ‘Triumph of Death’ is my favourite Hellhammer song, super slow, very epic and lots of ‘AAAAHHHHHHH!’

    Nice picture of the noodles too! Looks like the demon is rising from them like steam or something.

  2. Hellhammer and noodles…throw in a beer and I’d never need anything else. Maybe some soy milk for the B12 I suppose. Great post!

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