Catastrophic good…

catastrophic good sweetpotato salad

catastrophic good sweetpotato salad

I got my inspiration in this guttural,mushy and fancy coloured salad in one day when I watched one of TV`s cooking programs where cook was making some grill-kabobs with tofu and sweetpotato slices. Then I got huge craving to try some food-thing with using sweetpotaoes.

I was planning to make some beanysalad in some day, so I decided to make some sweetpotato-bean salad with roasted asparagus pieces.

First I take baking sheet and put asparaguses in it and garnish with little soy sauce and garlicpowder and then put it in owen and roasted it couple of minutes.

Then I peeled and cubed one large sweetpotato and boiled it in salted water. I tooked some bowl and putted chilled,small potato chuncs in it.I also added a can of kidney beans(rinsed),some fresh pepper slices, hashed asparaguses and one 200g pack of freezed mixture of carrot cubes,green beans,peas and cauliflower chunks. Then I stirred whole thing well and added some seasonings: lots of garam masala, curry powder,garlic powder,pepper,fennel and some herb/pizza seasoning+ a bit of fresh parsley, and ofcourse sea salt!

Then I putted the bowl in fridge and leaved it chilling.

I felt like that sweetpotato-thing would need some nice music to listen when eating it.. SO! There it comes: I grubbed one of my guttural deatmetal records for my CD rack. It was that Kataplexia`s Catastrophic Scenes which I haven`t listened since long times. I think that finnish ug-deathmetal band would be worthy of this kind of tasty vegan-foodiething… So I decided to name my sweetpotato-asparagus/bean “thing” accordingly Kataplexia`s second(and the best) record “Catastrophic Scenes” which “nice&happy” cover art you can see behind that glorious salad thing. You can check out this band here:

That`s really one of most deathmetallous vegan salads I have tasted..You should also try this and not to be too carefull for adding some of your favourite ingredients! That was catastrophic good…

Nice gropu shot too... The band,food and album cover..  pretty combination

Nice group shot too... The band,food and album cover.. pretty combination

posted by: Iron Goat aka. Rauta Vuohi


2 Responses to “Catastrophic good…”

  1. pranjalistkrieg Says:


    I’ve never heard Kataplexia, but I’ll check them out. I had sweet potato overload recently, but once I am ready to eat them again, I’ll definitely make some of this catastrophic goodness!

  2. i am right now trying to figure out what to get me from the store for lunch and i think sweet potato sounds great… hmmm…

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