Ceviche Destroyer

  So I’m back from Mexico. Mexico was awesome…I miss being there already, but i don’t miss the damn mosquitos. It wasn’t too hard eating vegan in Mexico. I found a place that makes fresh tofu, all the stores and little liquor stores had fruit flavored soy milks which ruled!! apple soymilk and guanabana where my favorites. And my aunt made me and my boyfriend vegan food while we where there. While in Mexico i went to this huge HUGE market, with tons and tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, spices, chiles pretty much everything. In this one shop i found TSP! I got about 2lbs of it for really cheap. I also got a brutal bathory shirt for $5-6.

  One thing that sucked was i wasn’t able to find any places that sold music i liked. i’m pretty sure i just didn’t look hard enough. But the best thing that about being in Mexico was my uncle telling me to use TSP for ceviche! He was telling my dad that people use TSP in place of fish, whether they’re allergic or just don’t like fish. So when i was at my parents house, my dad helped me make ceviche. Its really spot on from what i can remember, even my dad and his friend liked it. Plus the best thing about it is you don’t have to wait a long time for everything to marinate, its done when you’re done mixing everything together!


Ceviche Destroyer

About 2cups TSP (textured soy protein)
lots of limes, enough to soften the tsp
1-2 lemons
equal amounts of onion and tomato
a large carrot, peeled and grated
large cucumber,peeled and grated
one bunch of cilantro
3-4 Serrano chiles
salt to taste
avocado slices

Place the TSP in a large bowl, squeeze the limes over the tsp making sure everything gets wet. You want to make sure that the TSP is soften and there’s no more hard pieces. Squeeze in the lemon. Now chop your onion and tomato. You don’t want the ceviche to just be TSP so make sure there’s enough onion and tomato. Now chop the cilantro, stems included(if you want). Chop the chiles, you can deseed the chiles if you don’t want it too spicy. Grate the carrot and cucumber and add salt to taste. Mix everything together really well. Now serve on tostadas with avocado slices and enjoy!


This was all enjoyed while listening to Frogskin, good doom/sludge band. Check them out. – Monica


7 Responses to “Ceviche Destroyer”

  1. Great post! What Bathory shirt did you pick up? I’ve mean meaning to get the one with the s/t cover for years but haven’t got ’round to it.

  2. I got under the sign of the black mark shirt, its so awesome! its double sided too! Yeah i’ve also been wanting that s/t shirt too.

  3. jordanpattern Says:

    TSP = Textured Soy Protein, right?

    It looks great!

  4. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    Wait, you got the Bathory shirt at the same store you got the TSP? That would be too awesome to be true, and we’d need to recruit that person to join the Horde!

    Be careful with those metal shirts in Mexico, though! Last time I was there I had long hair and was wearing a Metallica ‘One’ t-shirt, and was like a magnet for cops.

    Food looks amazing!

  5. Yes TSP= textured soy protein, i forgot to put that.

    And i wish i’d gotten the shirt where i got the tsp hah. and actually the cops didn’t mess with me once while i was in mexico! I only got messed with by the federal police in the tijuana airport.

  6. AAAA!! That`s wonderfull post with GREAT band! I have that LP and I have seen them performing live in one time in Turku, Finland when there were one great doom/sludge-nights in one small club called TVO!

    Frogskin is something really nice, and also that food looks delicious! Maybe I should going to arrange some doom/metal listening night`s and making this for the food?

  7. that looks so amazing! great post!

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