Nocturnal Wandering and The Fajita Hunger Buster

When meeting up with friends at the weekend, I normally go to a pub that takes about 30 minutes to get to on foot. Naturally I play some music both to and from there; on the way it’s normally something fairly upbeat and catchy (I was bopping along the road to The Ronettes on Friday..not very metal, I know). When I leave though it’s a different story and there’s one album I always, always play to keep me company on the way home: Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

Euronymous - creator of chilling riffs and inspiration for my facial expression when asked if I'd like a cheese sandwich

Creator of chilling riffs and an inspiration for my expression when offered a cheese sandwich

I’m sure there’s been enough discussion already about the band’s bizarre history (and it is certainly weird…I doubt there’s too many groups out there that have been associated with suicide, murder and er, cannibalism), and anyway, it’s the music that amazes me the most. Until I heard this album about 8 years ago, I was under the impression that keyboard or organ was needed to give black metal albums a weird and unsettling atmosphere – I didn’t realise that such an ominous and eerie sound could be created purely through the use of guitar, bass, voice and drums. I read years ago that Euronymous spent hour upon hour layering each song with hundreds of guitar tracks. I’m not sure if that’s true but I do know that I haven’t heard another album with the same kind of aura. I’d avoid everything the band released after this album just as I would a boiled egg, but this is easily one my favourite lp’s in the genre.

Walking home with this playing in my ear, it often strikes me as strange that I rarely pass another person; it’s a good thing I guess as I sometimes sing along and try and match the vocalist’s ‘vampire gargling some ultra-strong mouthwash’ voice. As it is, it’s only the urban foxes that are parley to my bad crooning. The bit where he wails ‘the cemetery lights up…in…ancient…times‘ still sends a chill up my spine and makes me glad that I don’t pass any churchyards on the way home.

When I make it home I normally have the post-pub munchies, often eating the first thing I find. This has led to me eating four packets of Hula-Hoops in the space of 20 minutes before and dangerously approaching a salt overload, but this weekend I had some fajitas left over that I had made earlier. Lightly seasoned tofu, guacamole, salsa and loads of salad…it’s a messy eat for me at the best of times, but after a few beers it borders on the ridiculous. I woke up on Saturday with salsa all over my face but it didn’t stop me, I made some more today in preparation for impending night strolls. By PeteF

These poor creatures have enough troubles without having to hear my crooning. Must stop.

These poor creatures have enough troubles without having to hear my crooning. Must stop.


6 Responses to “Nocturnal Wandering and The Fajita Hunger Buster”

  1. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    “The cemetery lights up…in…ancient…times”

    FUCK YES!!! There is something about that section of Freezing Moon, beginning with “It’s night agaaaaain!” that always gives me the chills. I think it’s tailor-made to speak volumes to you when you’re drunk.

    Have you heard the version with Dead on vocals? I definitely prefer it to the one on the album with Atilla…

    Oh, and don’t be fooled by the foxes. One thing I remember clearly from my time in London is the shrill, piercing, not-of-this-world wail that a mating fox makes. I bet they could give Atilla a run for his money.

  2. Great! That`s also one of my most favourite BM albums ever!
    And you are really right what comes to that sound atmosphere in this album is something very hypnotizing and orginal.. Gloom!
    And nice story also. That “I woke up on Saturday with salsa all over my face but it didn’t stop me” was sounding nice end of this nightly adventures throught the gloom shadows with freezing moonlight… Poetic? Maybe, but good music makes my inspiration flying high…

    I first looked those tofus were tempeh cubes, but tofu is like similar thing but in “not-so-moldy” format… Heh!

  3. Pranjal – thank you for that link. I think I heard it a few years back, but that was great! And you are spot on about the foxes around here, I can’t believe I forgot about that.

    Iron goat – you’re right – ‘gloom’ is the perfect word to associate with that album. It’s a classic!

  4. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    I know, Dead’s vocals are so amazing. Straight from the gut and more expressive than Attilla, who mostly just sounds deranged. Or like a drunken old pervert, as you’d said before!

  5. Necrobutcher = best name evar! hehe

  6. Great story. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas has always been one of my favorites

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