Dead and Berry’d

Here’s a complex equation for you…

Raspberries +

Axegrinder‘s ‘Rise of the Serpent Men’ = ?

Here’s a hint…

Now, is the above a stake through the rotten hearts of your enemies, or a mini-pot bubbling with raspberry crisp goodness? Whatever the correct answer may be, the result is definitely a berry bloody mess to satisfy your most Transylvanian of Hungers.

(The above pic is the handiwork of Isa, who insisted that her latest concoction was gory enough for us to post on our blog, and who is more metal than she thinks because she actually does love that Axegrinder album- thanks for the pic!)


5 Responses to “Dead and Berry’d”

  1. Hahaha, great post! That looks delicious and I love ‘Rise of the Serpent Men’ as well. I used to listen to them a lot whilst I was in the bath actually, which I suppose goes against the crusty feel of their music. The track that has the chorus ‘TAKE CONTROL!…TAKE CONTROL!’ was a big favourite. Water splashing everywhere, my mum and dad shouting from downstairs telling me to calm down….happy days.

  2. hahah taking a bath while listening to axe grinder…now only if it where a bubble bath.

    I want that raspberry crisp.

  3. I just love that there’s now a blog where my mangled body part food porn can go and now I have extra incentive to listen to Bolt Thrower.

  4. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    The alternative name for this post was ‘Into the Crypt of Ra(y)spberries’. I’m still proud of that one.

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