When the Black wizard comes to the Gate of Nanna

just some quick quinoa for satisfying  hunger when waiting my EW/RB-split

just some quick quinoa for satisfying hunger when waiting my EW/RB-split

After lunch I usually just “chilling” and listening some nice tracks from different bands- scene of those tracks is usually depending which is my mood in that moment. Today I have this great mood for listen some doom/sludge/drone-bands. I guess this maybe have something to do with that thing I`m now waiting my latest music order for arriving to my nearest post office.

This is it! Long waited Electric Wizard/Reverend Bizarre-split 12″! Two of my MOST favourite bands had been published this package of goodnes and I`m ordered it via one web-store. Now I`m still waiting my order for arriving because that 12″ is released in 5.9 there Finland… NEXT WEEK!

Today I have listened some Dopethrone-tracks.. That low,bass-toned leading tracks of this GREAT album is something what I love. I`m also expecting that forthcoming 12″ because Reverend Bizarre`s side is filled with great Beherit cover version “The Gate of Nanna”. That means this great package includes music orginally from 3 of my favourite bands(in spite of that Beherit`s part is only to be covered…)! Great!

Because I`m being exepting this split to be carried in post office, I haven`t had great inspiration for cooking anything “special” or “gourme”. So, I just quickly cooked some quinoa, roasted tofu cubes+carrots seasoned with some soy sauce and garlig powder for owen, chopped some zucchini in tiny pieces and mixed those all together with some sundried tomatoes and fresh parsley(there was also some green peas & broccolis). Yum! That is really “quick & easy” and enough metal in this blog…I think? Now I`m still listening some doom-tracks and waiting my split to come.

by. Iron Goat a.k.a Rauta Vuohi


6 Responses to “When the Black wizard comes to the Gate of Nanna”

  1. That quinoa looks great! I got my Reverend bizarre / Electric Wizard 12″ a couple of weeks ago, and trust me, it’s worth the wait. I love the EW side inparticular as it has a great riff and the singer’s vocals are getting better and better as time goes on.

  2. great, I have also already listened that split when I was visiting for my friends home and he has already got hes “diehard” edition from UK. We listened it and really it is something really DOOM! I liked eccpesially that wery “classic” and “vintage” sound/ambience in EW`s track. And Reverend Bizarre´s side is also really worthed some metal cooking ritual!

  3. pranjalistkrieg Says:

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhh I want this split so badly!

    Hahaha, that’s an amazing album cover. And great looking quinoa!

  4. Do you have a tape deck, Pranjal? I can copy the split onto tape if you like, wouldn’t be a problem!

  5. I think this split is also avaible in many web-stores which are also selling lp`s in foreign countries? My friend for example bought he`s from Rise Above records web-store (from UK).

    But yeah, that cover is wery “classic & cult”… I think maybe those EW-guys have been chosen it.

  6. Gettin to the party a little late here, but this split sounds really interesting! Reverend Bizarre covering Beherit? Speaking of EW, I’ve been jammin the original Lord of Putrefaction (ex-EW) / Mortal Remains split vinyl from 1991 lately. Killer stuff! Found the old flyer/handbill promoting the ’91 release in a box which sent me on a hunt of cobwebbed boxes where I eventually found the vinyl, plus the old Thy Grief Eternal demo. Doooooom!!

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