Better late than never.

I’m finally done with papers for school. These past couple of months have been stressful and been keeping me busy. I got another job, which is helping somewhat although my bad habits of spending too much money on records and awesome vegan food is making me broke. Anyways, October was a great month for awesome shows. I saw Wolves in the Throne Room for free, saw Watain which ruled(and they really did smell like period blood), saw Sunn 0))) which at last minute got moved to a sketchy abandoned theater in L.A., and then i saw CORRUPTED! I went all the way to S.F. for the halloween show they did. Pranjal and Erika where nice enough to let me, my boyfriend and our friend stay at their place. It was nice to be in the bay area for the weekend. So the Corrupted show was so fucking amazing, and even though people where talking during corrupted’s slow parts, i still enjoyed their set a lot. So heavy and awesome. Ludicra and Asunder also played the halloween show. Good line up and didn’t have to sit through shitty bands, unlike at the l.a. show. But at the L.A. show there was some guy on E, who was dancing crazy and at one point got up on stage during intronaut’s set then he jumped into the crowd only to land on his face.

And here are some pictures from the halloween show and the L.A. (i know i’m so late with doing this.)



These aren’t all the pictures but they’re not that great, plus through out both the shows i really got over taking pictures.

I’m glad i got to see Corrupted, although i wish i would have been able to go to the Gilman show, since they played a 2hour long set, even though that wouldn of killed my legs, still would have been awesome.


Anyways i’m in the works of making a mole sauce since now i have more time since school is almost over. Oh and my boyfriend and i adopted a cat two weeks ago, her name is Aletheia, she is awesome. Oh and look at the line up for maryland deathfest next year(I want to go so bad but i doubt i can afford it.)

– Monica


3 Responses to “Better late than never.”

  1. Did you see this interview with Tyrant from Nifelheim? What a bummer, sounds like he’s a real douche bag 😦

    Would be awesome to see Watain though!


  2. AAAAA! I`m so jealous!! You saw CORRUPTED, I can just dream about that.. I got “Paso Inferior” CD from my friend for Christmas gift and that was really the one of my best gifts I tought.

    But happy X-mas(that “Jesus-birthday” is always the good reason to eat loads of seitan roast and mustard+rosolli+divine chocolate & cheese cakes..YUM!)

    I hope I will made some post before I had pictured some of my newest festive foods.

    For HORDE, ours: Rauta Vuohi, from the country of thousands frozen lakes and northern darness… And also the land of thousand shopping centers and stupid/irritating christmas songs..AAARHGH..

  3. Cool pics – I’m so jealous that you saw Corrupted! That line-up for the Deathfest is great.

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