I am a happy metalhead…

Because I’m off to the Maryland Deathfest in May!!!

I am pretty much stoked to see every band on the bill (Pestilence! Aura Noir! Atheist!) but… OH MY GOD BOLT THROWER ARE PLAYING IN THE US!!!!

I’m so excited I can hardly breathe. And in turn I will probably be posting here a lot more, since I can’t afford to go out anymore after buying my festival and plane tickets! Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, you’ll have to decide for yourselves…

Question is, will I also be a happy vegan in Baltimore…? Hmmmm…


8 Responses to “I am a happy metalhead…”

  1. i am extremely jealous. I wish i could afford this.

  2. damn i wish i could go to this. it’ll be a good time.

  3. If you do that i will be extremely happy! i will even send you cookies or a record or something! haha

  4. Hailz! Also heading to the Deathfest! Putting hotel plans together now with a couple vegan friends. Not sure of the venue’s policy on re-entry, so gonna pre-game food/booze each day somewhere nearby. Nothing fancy. May just be Smart Dogs and lots of byo beer…but consider yourself invited. get in touch herringscales AT yahoo DOT com

    Fucking Asphyx live in 2009?!?! Crush the Cenotaph!! 🙂


  5. possessedbyseitan Says:

    Nice one, Scott! Where are you heading to Maryland from?

    I don’t even know where to start with that insane lineup, but it’s gonna be fuckin’ sweet! Will drop you an email, hope to join the pre-game!

  6. Yeah, definitely get in touch! I’ll be driving to Baltimore from Northeastern Pennsylvania. However, I may be heading to NYC/Brooklyn area first to pick up a friend depending on the ride situation, etc. Either way, we’d also be passing through Philadelphia on our way to Baltimore, so if anyone is looking for a ride from any of the locales above, get in touch as we might have a vacant seat. Be forewarned however that earplugs will be a futile gesture against ‘Realm of Chaos’ blaring from the tape deck en route 😉 email to: herringscales AT yahoo DOT com

  7. I’m considering going there. It’s a long drive from Toronto, my frosty home base. It would be cool to connect with other vegans there. Metal and mock cheese, spikes and pleather. Seitanism and gluten sacrifice. Evil. On a sesame seed bun.

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