Jörmungandr Surveys His Kingdom

Beyond the Great Vast Forest that is my garden

Aka. August in Pranjalistkrieg’s backyard! Growing things is totally metal, because you are basically in control of your vegetable plots and your fruit trees, much like the warriors of olde ran shit in their kingdoms or whatever. Also you are sorta self-sufficient and therefore prepared for the apocalypse, which is also metal. Also if your garden is green enough, it can look like some ancient forest and you can have statues of dragons and World Serpents to guard your plants against posers. Win win win!

I haven’t grown too much this year but I did get some awesome stuff come through just recently: tomatoes, peppers, and blackberries! Here are some pics for you. We also have a plum tree that delivered about a ton of sweet Santa Rosa plums, but there are no pics of those. Sorry. In any case, hail the almighty fruit and veg!

Soon these tomatoes will be as red as the Nazarene's blood

The Oath of Black Berries

I Am The Black Berries!

Hidden Gods

Hidden Dogs

Giant pepper- burns like a stave church!

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