Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell

"Get thee behind me, Satan..."

Thanks to V from Creatures of Christ for this picture of the uber-kvlt Remy. This little guy is so necro, he was BORN with corpse paint on, and a giant tongue to boot! You can’t help but wonder whether that’s a piece of artwork on the wall or whether he just walks in the shadow of the horns.

We’d like to dedicate this little number to Remy and to metal dogs everywhere. Hails!


3 Responses to “Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell”

  1. that dog is also 2000 years old

  2. lord n savior Says:

    this puppers is truly metal- if only he had a studded pleather collar….he’d be the rob halford of dogs

  3. Is that the dog’s tongue? He’s like Gene Simmons. He’s definitely a knight in Satan’s service.

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