Possessed (by Seitan)

We’re a frostbitten horde of vegan metalheads from around the world.

Cruelty-free brutality forever!

Our contributors:

Rauta Vuohi (Helsinki, Finland)- Grim Goat of Northern Darkness

Monica (Los Angeles, CA)- Follower of the Winter Spoon

PeteF (London, England)- Buried by thyme and dust

PranjalistKrieg (Oakland, CA)- Puts the ‘v’ in kvlt


6 Responses to “Possessed (by Seitan)”

  1. Hello. Great blog! OK, I’m an idiot…but can I add possessedbyseitan blog somehow via RSS? I didn’t see the little icon anywhere. Also, is there a search function? Thanks. Scott

  2. possessedbyseitan Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Scott! I am completely rubbish with computers so unfortunately I have no idea regarding a search function or RSS. Will look into it!

  3. Hey there. I wanted to write to express my interest in contributing to your AWESOME blog. I’m a long time vegan metalhead. If you had a sec, send me an email and we could discuss offline. Thanks for reading! Scott
    email to: herringscales AT yahoo DOT com


    • possessedbyseitan Says:

      THANK YOU MALITSU!!! So kind of you, thanks so much for thinking about us. Your blog is awesome, we’ll add it to the list on our site…

      Sorry to you and everyone, we got sidetracked by many things and haven’t updated this site in forever. We’re still around though, and hope to do things more regularly!!

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