Welcome to the Gorge-y

“It is written that thy shall only cover thyself in the color of the flag and the sabbath and eat the curd of the bean, the apple of the ground and, er…the toast of the french” – Tony Shephard, disciple of the storm

The legendary UK crust/metal band Deviated Instinct recently crossed the pond for a North American tour. At least some of the Possessed (by Seitan) horde were lucky enough to see them on their West Coast dates, where we were truly NAILED after hearing such classics as ‘Rock n’ Roll Conformity’ and ‘Despair’ played live. Oooof!

A little known fact about the penners of ‘Pearls Before Swine’ – they’ll eat plenty of other things before they even think of eating swine! Our P(BS) horde auxiliary in Portland, otherwise known as Isa, cooked up a feast for the Deviated Instinct crew on their North West pit stop. Here are some pics of the mayhem that ensued!

Reborned Miscarriage or Pesto Scrambled Tofu with Walnuts? You decide

The most important part of Pumpkin French Toast is the CRUUUUSSSSTTT

The Conquest for Eternity is over and the winner is ROASTED FUCKING FINGERLINGS!!

Tony, Mid, and Alicia tuck in...


Many thanks to Isa and the Deviated Instinct mob for giving us a glimpse through the looking glass (and letting me make a bunch of shit puns out of their hard work!) Cheers guys, and safe travels!  – pranjalistkrieg


3 Responses to “Welcome to the Gorge-y”

  1. That pumpkin french toast is some seriously fucking delicious shit. Like, lose your fucking mind delicious.

  2. nom nom nom… must eat… must… eat…
    looks tasty!

  3. Oh it started at tasty then got better with every mouthful!

    The whole tour was set up just to get us to Isa’s place in time for this meal. Even considering the transatlantic flights for four people and driving around in a van for 2 weeks, this food still probably has a smaller carbon footprint than a big mac 😉

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